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With over 15 Years of experience we still pride ourselves on delivering you with a superior product and excellent service.

Atlas Fibreglass Roofing is based in Arcath Co. Meath and have completed hundreds of projects throughout the years in various locations around the country. We are a family operated business who have been involved in the this area of construction since the early 1990's with our director Eugene O'Sullivan starting out as a roofer on many construction sites. Customer Satisfaction is our number 1 priority and we achieve that through skilled craftmenship and using the very best materials. We would be delighted to meet and showcase our product to you.


FibreGlass Roofs

FibreGlass roofing (GRP) is a durable replacement for traditional roofing materials such as bitumen, felt and lead.

Balconies and Varandas

A non-slip application provides a fantastic seamless finish that great on Balconies and Veranda's.

Soffit and Fascia

We provide a service to replace damaged or dated fascia and soffit at very affordable rates.

DrySeal - Shower/Tanks

FibreGlass's water proofing properties make it an ideal solution when you need to keep water in or out.

Bay Windows and Dormers

FibreGlass works great on Bay windows and Dormers and is available in a choice of colours


Are roofs keep the water out, but it still needs to go somewere. We take care of that for you aswell.

Fibreglass Roofing (GRP)

Fibreglass roofing is starting to take a foothold in the construction industry years after being introduced as a waterproofing agent for boats, wet-rooms and most famously – surfboards.

It most recently has thrived in the UK and it now supersedes other flat roofing techniques such as paralon, torch on felt roofing. Other applications include, replacing lead valleys, balconies, tanking basement walls and shower rooms, swimming pools, industrial gutters, maintenance, repairs and garden water features, to name just a few!

  • Fibreglass is a durable replacement for traditional roofing materials such as bitumen, felt and lead
  • Can withstand foot traffic and is suitable for roof structures, walkways and balconies
  • Remains watertight and maintenance free for many years and can add significant value to a property
  • Complex roof shapes whether flat, valley or pitched are also easily constructed.
  • It can be extended very easily without causing any problems e.g. fitting skylights etc
  • Non-slip coating can be used.


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